Windows 10 Creators Update: Some new Features to Enjoy

By Mara Pinera, | May 09, 2017

The latest update for Windows 10 Creators includes many useful features. (YouTube)

The latest update for Windows 10 Creators includes many useful features. (YouTube)

The third update for Windows 10 Creators has finally been released, and it comes with new and impressive features. Microsoft is committed to providing steady and useful updates with its operating system. This update is called Build1703, and it comes with different enhancements.

First on the list is its registry editor that has improved search capabilities for particular entries and keys. It also comes with keyboard shortcuts and recognizes abbreviations. Moreover, it also comes with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that makes it easier for users to take advantage of command-line tools from Linux on Windows 10 Creators.

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Its security capabilities are also worth mentioning as it now has an enhanced facial recognition feature. With the updated OS, the device automatically locks itself when the user is not around and comes with two part verification before a user is given access. This is very useful especially for office personnel who needs to leave their table every once in a while.

Another impressive feature of the latest Windows 10 Creator update is its Windows configuration designer. It was previously called Windows imaging and configuration designer and is available on the Windows Store as an app. Users can also configure it even when they’re offline, through USB flash drives, BFC tags, and even barcodes.

Users also get improved privacy as they can restrict access to their start menu and customize their taskbar layouts. They can choose to hide specific pages and change the privacy setting of their device. And last but certainly not the least is the Windows Defender Antivirus. It doesn’t just protect users from malware but also gives them the ability to set the security level of protection.

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