Russia to Receive World's Biggest Nuclear Submarine 'Belgorod'

By Prei Dy, | April 24, 2017

Russia is set to receive the Project 09852 (Belgorod), the biggest nuclear submarine in the world. (YouTube)

Russia is set to receive the Project 09852 (Belgorod), the biggest nuclear submarine in the world. (YouTube)

Russia is set to receive the world's biggest nuclear submarine Project 09852 (Belgorod), beating the Guiness World Records' holder for the largest nuclear submarine Typhoon missile cruiser Project 941.

The Belgorod, which measures 184 meters long, is expected to perform research missions, carrying uninhabited deep sea vehicles, bathyscaphes, and special scientific equipment. It is also designed to conduct study on laying underwater communications and searching for minerals on the bottom of the Russian Arctic shelf, Sputnik News reported.

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The submarine will be based around the unfinished Antey-class strike missile carrier Project 949A developed by the Soviet Union. The Belgorod, which is 11 meters long that the Typhoon cruiser, is set to be completed next year.

The Project 09852 Belgorod's prime mission is to explore the territory beneath the Arctic shelf, despite fears Russia and the US could compete for oil beneath the North Pole, Daily Star reported.

Aside from claiming the world's biggest title, it will also boast of new features including the 'Losharik' autonomous deepwater station, Vadim Kozyulin, Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, said.

He added that "It will transport and install autonomous nuclear submarine modules designed to charge uninhabited submarines on the seabed. The submarine will ensure the deployment of a global underwater monitoring system, which the military is building on the bottom of the Arctic waters."

Russia has been ramping up its expansion into the Arctic, building military bases like the Northern Shamrock earlier this year. Cold War-era military bases are starting to be reopened, a move to safeguard vita territories that could be a gateway to oil and gas beneath the tundra.

Meanwhile, before the Belgorod, the Typhoon sub flaunted one of the world's most unique weapons systems. It is equipped with 20 launchers of the biggest RSM-52 sea-launched ballistic missiles with 10 nuclear warheads each, and six torpedo tubes that can shoot torpedoes and underwater high-speed missiles. Currently, there is only one Project 941 on service, named the TK-208 "Dmitry Donskoy."

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