'The Last of Us 2' Update: Neil Druckmann Confirms Returning Weapon; New Mo-cap Photo Debunks Fan Theories

By Irina Stark, | April 21, 2017

The latest development teasers spill some interesting spoilers for "The Last of Us 2". (YouTube)

The latest development teasers spill some interesting spoilers for "The Last of Us 2". (YouTube)

The latest teasers on "The Last of Us 2" development show how Naughty Dog team is hard at work in the development of the highly anticipated sequel to the TLOU franchise. Both the game director and the lead cast have apparently hyped up fans with their recent tweets on social media. 

Actress Ashley Johnson who plays the role of the lead character Ellie took a selfie photo with her co-lead star Troy Baker who acts as Joel in "The Last of Us 2". Both of them are wearing their motion capture suit with green dots on their faces and lots of recording equipment in the background.

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Johnson's photo with Baker at Naughty Dog Studio would apparently kill off fan theories that Joel is dead. It is now official that the main character from the first game will return with Ellie in the second title, despite that players will get to play her most of the time in the game.

On the other hand, game director Neil Druckmann also took to Twitter recently to tease fans a GIF showing the recently announced addition to cast, "Westworld" TV series actress Shannon Woodward. Woodward is seen in a short clop flipping a mo-cap machete around.

Woodward's role remains a secret as of yet but fans are speculating that she will play as the new love interest of Ellie in "The Last of Us 2". Others expressed their excitement in the comment thread to see Machete as a returning weapon in "The Last of Us 2". 

In addition, Druckmann also took a fun picture of his co-writer Halley Gross riding a mo-cap horse while holding a shotgun. This photo has made the fans guessing whether she will also appear in the game or did it for fun sake.

Regardless, it looks like the development team are having tons of fun working on "The Last of Us 2", which is touted as one of the big AAA games coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro. Fans are expecting that Naughty Dog will prepare some delightful surprises in store at Sony's E3 conference in June, perhaps an announcement of the game's release date. 

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