'Clash Of Clans' Massive Update Revealed, Supercell Remains Quiet

By Daniela Lozano, | April 21, 2017

"Clash of Clans" will be receiving a balancing update this June. (YouTube)

"Clash of Clans" will be receiving a balancing update this June. (YouTube)

"Clash of Clans" players are excited as the game is set to get a huge update real soon. This was revealed following a series of sneak peeks into the upcoming update. However, Supercell, the hit game's developer, remains quiet about its plans for "Clash of Clans."

According to the International Business Times, Supercell recently responded to the rumors spreading online about the "Clash of Clan" update. In a statement, the company revealed that it is indeed planning to release the update but it is not ready yet. Supercell revealed that the update would be unusual and is very different from all the previous updates.

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"Hey Chief! We know you're excited to hear more news about the upcoming update. We're just as excited to share more with you but we're not quite ready yet. One thing we can say is that this update will be different from any other update. It will be much bigger and we can't wait to share it with you! We appreciate your patience so stay tuned! Clash On!," Supercell's statement said.

Fans are eager to see what the update would bring to the game. Meanwhile, the release date of the update is yet to be confirmed, and it is unclear if it would be in April.

According to Josic, the success of "Clash of Clans" lies in its simplicity. It can be played by anyone and can be easily understood.

Many expect the upcoming "Clash of Clans" update to bring a Shipwreck update and a "change village option."

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