Cancer Treatment Update: Trimming Down Amino Acids Could Increase Therapy's Effectiveness

By Jacques Strauss, | April 21, 2017

A cancer patient is being assisted by a medical expert. (YouTube)

A cancer patient is being assisted by a medical expert. (YouTube)

Cancer treatment is continuously being improved by experts to be more effective in fighting the dreaded disease. With the latest update concerning the role of amino acids, improvement in the impact of therapy is to be expected.

Experts from the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute are currently studying the connection between certain types of amino acids as it relates to tumor growth and prolonged survival. Experts discovered that with a special diet, cancer cell becomes more susceptible to chemotherapy and radiotherapy chemicals.

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Although the finding is still based on lab rats, a clinical trial will be setup following the latest discovery. Through controlled diet plan, experts would like how cancer patients will respond to the method newly discovered. However, necessary precautionary measures are needed in order to guarantee the safety of a patient.

"This kind of restricted diet would be a short term measure and must be carefully controlled and monitored by doctors for safety. Our diet is complex and protein - the main source of all amino acids - is vital for our health and well-being. This means that patients cannot safely cut out these specific amino acids simply by following some form of home-made diet," Professor Karen Vousden told Cancer Research UK.   

However, apart from the idea of a special diet to limit certain amino acids, there are other methods on how one could improve his chances of surviving cancer. Although not necessarily a cancer treatment, these methods will likely be more effective as a complementary remedy for cancer.

One of the best ways to prevent the complication of cancer or improve cancer treatment is through lifestyle change. It is considered as the most basic cancer-fighting strategy. This would mean the elimination of refined sugars, oils, and carbohydrates. Moreover, it would also suggest eating organic products whenever possible.

Watch here below key steps to stop cancer before it starts:

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