'Prison Break' TV Ratings Fall; Fox Failing to Bring Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows on the top; Technology Being Used Not Stunning

By Aliza Xandria, | April 20, 2017

Official Trailer | Season 5 | PRISON BREAK (Prison Break/YouTube Screenshot)

Official Trailer | Season 5 | PRISON BREAK (Prison Break/YouTube Screenshot)

The return of "Prison Break" sparked a lot of interest for the viewers of the series. However, reports are rising that the TV ratings of the epic series are on the losing end. There are also claims coming about that the series is using technology that is not way above its time.

The decision of FOX to air "Prison Break" again is being challenged with its low ratings and now the need to utilize all aspects are being considered. Despite the fact, it is undeniable that the series managed to top the ratings in the past and with that history, its fans and followers are still optimistic that the ratings will soon pick up.

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To prove the latter, a former report from Variety shared that Fox's revival of "Prison Break" was down significantly in both key measures for the second straight week after its premiere on April 4, according to the Nielsen overnight ratings.

The series posted a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.5 million viewers on Tuesday night. That is down by more than 20 percent in both measures from last week (1.1, 3.2 million), and 40 percent in the demo and 34 percent in total viewers from the premiere (1.5, 3.8 million), as noted by the same report.

Yet, "Prison Break" has showcased the dramatic rise of late viewing. In Live-7, the season premiere grew by 53 percent to a 2.3, making it Fox's highest-rated Tuesday entertainment telecast in more than 18 months in that measure, the report added.

As for its storyline, TV Guide shared that "Prison Break" how the episode, "The Liar" unveiled the characteristics of the actors. According to the report, Michael Scofield and his prison-breaking buddies are always one step ahead of the other guys... until they aren't and the most meticulous of plans can sour at any moment, and they often do, forcing these chain-breaking hunks to improvise a new plan to get out of a sticky situation.

As for the rumored report that the technology being used on the series is not that good, that speculation has been debunked. For the fans and followers of the "Prison Break," it airs every Tuesday night at 9/8c on Fox.

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