'Heroes of the Storm’ Latest News: 'Overwatch' Hero Genji to be Introduced

By Daniela Lozano, | April 20, 2017

The developers of "Heroes of the Storn" would make Genji's double jump possible in the game. (YouTube)

The developers of "Heroes of the Storn" would make Genji's double jump possible in the game. (YouTube)

"Heroes of the Storm" creative director Alan Dabiri has revealed in an interview that an upcoming update to the game would bring "Overwatch" hero Genji. This is not the first time that an "Overwatch" character would be introduced in another game.

Some famous "Overwatch" heroes who have appeared in other games include Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio. Dabiri shed some light on the process of adapting characters from one game to another, especially if the two games are distinct from one other.

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According to Gamasutra, Dabiri revealed that a lot of work goes into keeping the gameplay close to the "Overwatch" moveset.

He revealed that "Heroes of the Storm" developers are having a hard time translating some mechanics concepts from "Overwatch." The concepts include first person animation and verticality. He admitted that they also encountered technical difficulties with Genji as they wanted to keep his signature double-jump.

"Whenever you introduce a move that lets a character move across terrain, there's always edge cases," Dabiri said. "We always run into these situations where it's 'what if he jumps on this one weird spot, and this one guy pushes him,' and the way those two abilities interact." 

Meanwhile, fans are excited to about the addition of Genji to "Heroes of the Storm" as he is one of their favorite characters. Cinema Blend described the character's and his ability to jump over walls as outstanding. He also has a Swift Strike dash attack that would hurt his enemies in an instant even from a distance.

The developers of "Heroes of the Storm" would make Genji's double jump possible in the game. He is expected to be able to traverse any hurdle with just a single press of a button. This would translate his height advantage into a two-dimensional-traversal one. 

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