Apple Watch 3 out Alongside iPhone 8 in September, a Must-have for Diabetics; Specs, Price and Features

By Irina Stark, | April 20, 2017

Apple Watch 3 will be released alongside the iPhone 8 in September as a must-have wearable for diabetics. (YouTube)

Apple Watch 3 will be released alongside the iPhone 8 in September as a must-have wearable for diabetics. (YouTube)

Apple will reportedly release Apple Watch 3 alongside the most talked about iPhone 8 in September. The new iteration of the wearable gadget is touted as a must-have for people with Diabetes with better battery life and other enticing specs and features. 

Recent reports have now claimed that the long rumored biometric monitoring systems will finally arrive to Apple Watch 3. This practical feature was first rumored to be included in the first Apple Watch. 

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The Cupertino-based tech giant has employed 30 biomedical engineers that are working on the new device that will introduce a monitoring system to keep track of the blood sugar levels. If it is proved to be true, Apple Watch 3 will be life-changing smartwatch for diabetics, CNBC reported. 

Apple Watch 3 Price, Specs and Features

It is noted how the price of Apple Watches have not changed over a period of time, according to Apple Insider. However, the current increase in price of the new Apple Macbook hints that there will be an impending rise in the price of Apple Watch 3, estimated within the range of £300 to £400 or $380 to $510 USD.

In specs and features department, Apple Watch 3 will also boast a slew of improvements under the hood. It is plausible Apple reduce its size, making a smoother and thinner design for the company's next smartwatch as opposed to its predecessor that has some thickness issue. 

In addition, as technology is fast evolving, the upcoming wearable device from Apple will be powered by a new processor known as S3 chip. Other key features that users expect to see in the Series 3 is better battery life and sources say it will also be capable to measure VO2 max. 

If Apple's traditional release pattern will continue to hold, Apple Watch 3 release date will likely take place in September this year. It is expected to be launched alongside iPhone 8. 

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