'The Sims 4' DLC Update: Fans Express Disappointment Over Fitness-themed Stuff Pack Announcement

By Irina Stark, | April 19, 2017

'The Sims 4' fans express their disappointment over the fitness-themed stuff pack announcement. (YouTube)

'The Sims 4' fans express their disappointment over the fitness-themed stuff pack announcement. (YouTube)

Developer Maxis has delightfully announced that "The Sims 4" will be receiving a plethora of new features in the second quarter of 2017. These include the Family-themed game pack scheduled for release before end of Spring and Fitness-themed stuff pack coming in Summer. 

Some fans are happy to hear about the release of Family-themed DLC to the game. However, lots of them expressed their disappointment over the Fitness-themed stuff pack for "The Sims 4". 

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Maxis has not yet revealed the specifics for the upcoming add-ons for the life simulation title. But avid players of the widely popular life simulation game have already been open to say via Sims Community thread that they dislike the addition of the Fitness-themed stuff pack.

A fan named Jessica wrote that she is confused. "Didn't we already get gyms, spas, equipment, and yoga stuff in the Spa pack? Sounds repetitive and like a waste," she said. 

Most of them shared the same sentiments, saying they just had the Bowling Night Stuff Pack and why can't they just have the game pack instead. However, it is noted that Maxis and EA have yet to reveal what comes in the Fitness-themed stuff pack for "The Sims 4" when it releases in June.  

On the contrary, simmers feel the opposite for the Family-themed game pack and they have shown excitement for this set of contents heading their way before end of Spring. Fans have reportedly requested from The Sims team to bring new features that involve family life.

Recent speculations suggest that new features in the Family-themed game pack include expanding schools, Daycare, Pre-teens and afterschool activities. It would be fun for Sims to go to their children's school to check on them.

They can also give them a hand in doing their assignment or tutor them to ace their exams and the like. The Daycare feature will allow running their own daycare while afterschool activities will let student sims will earn extra points to score higher grades in schools. 

Meanwhile, fans has voted for the art style they like for Eco Living Stuff Pack that won the fan votes in the Create a Stuff Pack for "The Sims 4". It is expected to hit the game in 2018.

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