'Clash of Clans' News: 3 Big Secret Features Likely Coming in Massive April Update; Brew Jump Spells Costs 90% Less

By Irina Stark, | April 19, 2017

"Clash of Clans" will likely introduce three big secret features in its next massive update. (Twitter/Clash of Clans)

"Clash of Clans" will likely introduce three big secret features in its next massive update. (Twitter/Clash of Clans)

Players will likely see the addition of three big secret features in "Clash of Clans" massive April update. Also, Supercell is offering a delightful treat to fans in the game's latest event.   

In the latest event for "Clash of Clans" aptly called Brew Jump Spells Event, seasoned CoC enthusiasts can get their chance to purchase the Brew Jump Spells at 90% less its normal cost, as announced in the game's official Twitter account.

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Brew Jump Spells at 90% off during this event! Cast this spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them. pic.twitter.com/6UxbPBy1a7

- Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) April 18, 2017

However, Supercell has not confirmed how long the event will go live, contrary to past "Clash of Clans" events. So, it is best that players have to grab this great offer. 

The last held event was the Wizard Rage Spell Event, which began April 14 up and concluded on April 18. It allowed players to train Wizards and brew Rage Spells at a discount. 

In more news, fans are growing impatient for the massive update that is widely speculated to arrive this month of April. While the game developer has not yet announced anything yet as what is coming, leaks and rumors have amassed really fast online.

So far, three big secret features are making the rounds and could possibly arrive with the next massive update for "Clash of Clans". The will likely include the following: 

Shipwreck Feature

Just by the thought of it, fans get all hyped imagining that water-based units and contents will finally be included in the hit strategy mobile video game. The possible addition of a shipyard emerged when fans discovered this feature in some game files. 

Ships and Water-based units

Also, fans also saw an interesting clue in the promo image for the last balance update for "Clash of Clans". Upon looking closely, a ship was shown at a distance hinting that it lies on the horizon for future release in the game.

Fans have reportedly been requesting for the Shipwreck features and water-based units from Supercell. If this clue is anything to go by, it could mean that the developer is paying attention to what their players want and will be granting their wish soon.

Change Village 

Another possible feature is the addition of Change Village. Some gamers claimed to have discovered a button that will let players to change village. There is not much information on this yet, but in this new feature, players can opt to a variety of base designs. 

Supercell has yet to make an official announcement regarding the next update "Clash of Clans". While latest reports say that it will be launched this April, it is not confirmed as of yet. 

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