Roaches are PS4 Killers – Here’s Why

By Josef Bell, | April 19, 2017

The PS4 Pro is a console that allows users to play games at 4K display. (YouTube)

The PS4 Pro is a console that allows users to play games at 4K display. (YouTube)

Aside from ants, cockroaches also love to crawl into electronic gadgets and make the gizmos their home. In most cases the devices eventually break down and the roaches are at fault. The favorite target of these critters appears to be the PlayStation 4 or PS4.

Kotaku reported that the PS4's rival console, the Microsoft Xbox, is a roach nesting ground too, but it seems it is the former that offers more reasons for the roaches to thrive and multiply. Repair men interviewed by the report revealed that since the PS4 outnumbers the Xbox units that are in use, there are more cases of PS4 roach infestation.

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Also, the PS4's design makes it easy for cockroaches to invade. The PS4's wide ventilation grates seem to be just too inviting for the pests to resist. Also, the console is normally set on easy to access locations for roach incursion.

One or two roaches entering through the grates and the insides of the PS4 will soon morph into a small roach colony. The extra-warm temperature of the Sony-made console is said to be just the right condition for the roaches to flourish. The PS4 internal is hotter than that of the Xbox as the former hosts the device's power supply.

So as the roaches reproduce, they move around and the silent activities not seen by humans can fry the PS4 components. When that happens, the infested console is zapped and bringing it back to life will require one to shell out dollars.

Cleaning the PS4 alone or making it roach-free again will cost $25, but making the device humming again is a different story. Repairers usually have to tear the device apart, clean it inside-out and ensure that roach eggs and other traces of infestation are purged. Finally, the damaged components need to be replaced.

It's a good thing that all this - roach infestation and costly repairs - can be prevented to begin with. Kotaku recommends storing the PS4 or any other devices on places that will be hard for roaches to reach. Ideal points are high ground with open space for the PS4 to have an optimal airflow.

But to keep the roaches away for good, a high level of cleanliness in one's home is the best solution.

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