'No Man's Sky' DLC Leaks: Big Story Expansion in the Works; What Players Need to Know

By Matthew King, | April 21, 2017

"No Man's Sky" story DLC could be in the offing and might be related to the mysterious portals. (YouTube)

"No Man's Sky" story DLC could be in the offing and might be related to the mysterious portals. (YouTube)

Hello Games could be working on a big Story expansion for "No Man's Sky", if new leaks are to be believed. It has been eight months since the indie space title was launched on PS4 and PC and last evidence now points to the possibility that a DLC is in the developer's pipeline.  

A newspaper clippings posted on Reddit reportedly revealed a special report for "No Man's Sky", hinting its possible story expansion. The said piece claimed that the Galactic Empire of Hova rages war on the Bez-Harr Concern. It appeared that this new faction to the Galactic Hub invaded a Hovan starship patrol around the BHC Outpost in the Zoliforwe Region.

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This latest leak further indicated that this event is referred to as "Bez-Harr Incident" and it involves different races in a war. The article dished the additional story details pertaining to this conflict within the "No Man's Sky" universe. 

Players must note however that Hello Games has yet to confirm the story expansion for "No man's Sky" and if ever there is, will it be through some kind of campaign missions. The entirety of the purported article entries can be fully viewed at Imgur.

Meanwhile, recent reports also suggest a new set of leaks that involve the pre-release features of the indie game. This has stemmed when eagle-eyed fans spotted some interesting changes right at "No Man's Sky" SteamDB page.

The said page indicates "oldbuildtest" that has build number 1276924 and it goes to the time before the game's launch, International Business Times. Fans suppose that it is likely that these pre-release features will be on their way to the game's new build. 

In March, "No Man's Sky" received 1.24 Update that was released both for PS4 and PC versions as follw-up to Pathfinder Update. It introduced improved frame rate and optimized the light shafts. It also brought in some bug fixes especially aimed to address the issue on bases that do not appear within the game realm.

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