'Spider-Man' PS4 Update: Latest Teaser Showcases Stunning Gameplay; E3 2017 Reveal Leaked

By Matthew King, | April 17, 2017

'Spider-man' PS4 new gameplay footage will be streamed at E3.  (YouTube)

'Spider-man' PS4 new gameplay footage will be streamed at E3. (YouTube)

Marvel Digital Media has teased a short but stunning "Spider-man" PS4 gameplay teaser to simply keep the hype going among fans of the web-slinging Marvel superhero. Latest reports, on the other hand, indicate that more will be known about the game at E3 2017. 

As of now, official details have been sparse about the upcoming open world action-adventure video game featuring the web-slinging Marvel Comics superhero. However, it looks like Insomniac Games is brewing something for Sony's E3 2017 presentation in June.    

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Interestingly enough, "Spider-man" PS4 is included in the leaked list of games expected to appear on Sony's E3 floor. It is plausible that a brand new gameplay demo or trailer for the game will be showcased at this year's biggest entertainment convention. 

"Spider-man" PS4 will reportedly join Sony's first party exclusives such as the new "God of War", "The Last of Us 2", "Days Gone" and a slew of exciting games heading to PS4 and PS4 Pro this year. Players can start marking their calendars from June 13-15 to tune in to E3 2017 livestream. Better yet, they can personally attend the conference at Los Angeles Convention Center to get the first taste at a demo for the game and other surprises.

Meanwhile, as players are still a couple of months away of the game's possible E3 reveal, vice president of Marvel Digital Media, Ryan Penagos, has shared a gameplay teaser for "Spider-man" PS4 via Twitter. The stunning GIF only took two seconds but it has offered a breathtaking glimpse at the superb lighting of Spider-man in hi-packed action scene.

Penagos posted the teaser after tons of news outlets reported that the superhero-inspired game is slated for a release date window this 2017. However, the developer has clarified this piece of information following these reports.

Insomniac Games was quick to put off the rumors saying that "Spider-man" PS4 has no fixed release date as of now. It looks like it is keeping its cards close to it chest at the moment and will be ready to reveal exciting development when the perfect moment comes--perhaps at E3?  

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