AMD Ryzen 5 vs. Intel Core i5: Ryzen 5 1600X Tagged as ‘The People’s CPU’ – Here’s Why

By Josef Bell, | April 15, 2017

LEAKED: Ryzen 5 Benchmark Results Show Decent CPU Power Packed with AMD’s Bet against Intel’s Core i5 Chips

LEAKED: Ryzen 5 Benchmark Results Show Decent CPU Power Packed with AMD’s Bet against Intel’s Core i5 Chips

The AMD Ryzen 5 CPU is by default the rival to Intel's Core i5 chips but it is the former that is now acknowledged as "the best mainstream power CPU," according to a new review that also labeled the Ryzen 7's more affordable sibling as "The People's CPU."

The glowing words from Gordon Mah Ung of PC World for the Ryzen 5, specifically for the top of the line R5 1600X, is completely understandable. The chip is for the most part the impressive Ryzen 7 only with deactivated cores that to be sure did not impact on the processing performance. In fact, the 1600X was pitted against the Core i5-7600K and the bottom line - the reviewer picked the Ryzen 5 as the winner.

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The choice was made despite the Intel chip boasting of higher clock speed, which in a way was set off by the R5 1600X's overclocking capability (a feature that is found on all Ryzen CPUs), and nearly having the same price range. The Core i5-7600K retails between $240 and $250 while the $1600X is ready to take home for $250.

But going for the latter is easy. For one, it offers more possibilities going forward if users, specifically PC gamers, are willing to overlook that when it comes to optimal gaming title support the 7600K has the advantage. But down the road or a few years from now, the slight edge that Intel Core i5 chip still enjoys will certainly disappear, entirely.

And the real beauty about the Ryzen 5 1600X - it is the sweet spot between cheap and premium, and for only $250, which can be lowered when the picking will also consider the other Ryzen 5 chips that start at $169, users will get a straightforward solution that will surely deliver on the gaming and other computing requirements.

"Ryzen 5 is the way to go. It burns Core i5 to the ground in multi-threaded applications performance and doesn't give up much in single-threaded performance," PC World said on its review.

Going forward, in which PC enthusiasts will demand more cores and higher threads, the Ryzen 5 CPU will still matter and more so when optimal support from game makers starts building up. PC World said the Ryzen 5 1600X is the real deal versus Intel's Core i5-7600K, that is if the chief concerns are focused on overall performance and the best bang for the bucks.

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