EmDrive News: US Military Could be Testing it in Space

By Jenia Cane, | April 10, 2017

The EmDrive is a "highly controversial propulsion system."

The EmDrive is a "highly controversial propulsion system."

The latest news about the EmDrive suggests that the United States military could be testing it in space. What could be the basis of this speculation?

The uniformed men are said to be "secretly" trying it out in space. The EmDrive is reportedly on board the still unconfirmed Air Force X-37B spacecraft.

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The EmDrive is a "highly controversial propulsion system." Previous reports claimed that it might "revolutionize both manned and unmanned space travel."

"Here's the 411 on the EmDrive: the 'physics-defying' thruster even NASA is puzzled over," Sylvain Metz shared on Twitter.

The EmDrive has been tested in some laboratories, including those in China and the US.

If this proves to be true and successful, it could prove to be a breakthrough in space exploration. With EmDrive, the spacecraft would reportedly travel faster, thus, reaching its supposed destination must quicker compared to the current speed.

Meanwhile, its supposed ability to maintain its thrust even without fuel could be regarded as a breakthrough in the Age of Exploration in space.

Meanwhile, there are reports that a certain version of the EmDrive was reportedly being tested by the Chinese government late last year. There are speculations that this could be incorporated into its orbital space laboratory.

Being propellant-less, it could be upgraded to a few newtons. This would result in "constant acceleration" for several years with a nuclear power source. Overall, space travel would be a lot faster.

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