EmDrive: How NASA's Space Propulsion Tech Could Affect Space Explorations, Humans

By Charissa Echavez, | March 02, 2017

Assuming that the EmDrive is possible, how will it mold the future of space exploration and humanity. (YouTube)

Assuming that the EmDrive is possible, how will it mold the future of space exploration and humanity. (YouTube)

EmDrive speculations have been controversial, with many throwing doubts of its possibility, while a peer-reviewed paper insists it could be realized. But assuming if the EmDrive really works, how would EmDrive mold the future of space exploration and even humanity?

NASA's Eagleworks team led by Harold "Sonny" White performed experiments on EmDrive and described its results in a published peer-reviewed paper. The research team did not have a definitive answer on how EmDrive produces thrusts, while some introduced the idea of quantum vacuum fluctuations and pilot wave theory, The Washington Post noted.

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On theory, the amount of thrust an EmDrive could produce would be sufficient enough to accelerate a manned spacecraft from the Earth orbit to Mars in just 10 weeks, or even less. Moreover, such thrust level could also send an unmanned aircraft from our solar system to the Alpha Centauri without reaching a century. If today's chemically powered rockets are to be used, a trip to the red planet would take several years and many thousand years to the Alpha Centauri.

But assuming that the propulsive effect of the EmDrive could be increased once its mechanism is better understood, a manned mission towards other solar systems would then be thinkable. Although such trips would still take years, the travel time would still be cut short to a fraction than using the current rockets.

Moreover, granting that White's speculations on EmDrive's potential performance are true, Inquisitr noted that the EmDrive could both shrink and expand the universe. It could make it smaller as other planets would then be within reach. A trip to Neptune, for instance, would only take 18 months. But it would also expand the universe as humans would then gain limitless horizons and unlock numerous mysteries.

Human's thirst for exploration has turned the Earth into a small planet. And EmDrive could be some people's adventure of a lifetime.

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