AMD vs. Intel: Kaby Lake, Skylake Adjusted; Ryzen available at Amazon and NewEgg

By Jacques Strauss, | March 02, 2017

AMD Zen logo is displayed along with Intel Core i7 logo.

AMD Zen logo is displayed along with Intel Core i7 logo.

AMD vs. Intel showdown this year has become more interesting with the arrival of AMD Ryzen. Changes have been reportedly made by Intel with their price as they anticipate Ryzen's impact to their well-dominated CPU market.

Although no details concerning product development to rival AMD Ryzen's release, Intel still managed to create a cushion that would somehow mitigate Ryzen's profound impact. According to reports, Intel Kaby Lake has received an insane price cut. Intel's products were adjusted by retailers, according to WCCF Tech.

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Discount of the Intel processors reached up to $300, which was highlighted by the inclusion of Intel Core i7-6950X in the adjusted list. Apart from the Kaby Lake variants, Skylake and Haswell processors also have undergone a price adjustment.

Retailers did not directly attribute the sudden price changes to the ongoing AMD vs. Intel showdown. However, retailers simply associated the price cuts to promotional bundles to keep up with the sale. Despite the lack of proper explanation, many experts believed that such move of Intel signifies the start of CPU price war.

The price cut made to Intel Kaby Lake, Skylake and Haswell CPUs will greatly benefit gamers. However, with the arrival of Ryzen processor, it is still unsure on how gamers will react to the promotional bundle being offered.

The uncertainty of consumers' reaction to the price cut could be traced to the latest offerings from AMD. The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 65W 8 Core 3.7GHz, for example, is only priced for $329 online, according to Tech Radar. It comes with an unclocked multiplier for manual overclocking and AMD's Wraith Spire cooler.

Moreover, AMD's flagship Ryzen 7 1800X, which has been considered as an absolute beast by experts, is only priced for just $499. Thus, emphasizing the serious price gap despite the price adjustments made by Intel.  For orders of the aforementioned devices, wanting consumers may check Amazon and NewEgg.

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