Magnificent Ring of Fire Amuse the Spectators of Africa and South America

By Marshia Garcia, | February 28, 2017

Experience the Southern Ring of Fire solar eclipse live in 360°

Experience the Southern Ring of Fire solar eclipse live in 360°

On Sunday, as the moon crossed in front of the sun, the star observers were amused of what had transpired. They cheered when darkness enveloped and thereafter they were able to glance a magnificent eclipse through a "ring of fire."

The impressive view was named annular eclipse. The first spectators of the said occurrence were the astronomers and Argentinian aficionados since it briefly passed by after 1200 GMT in South America. It had crossed in Africa as well, as part of its course, according to Deccan Chronicle.

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Using extraordinary telescopes, glasses, and homemade devices, they gazed at the sun and have vividly seen the moon crossed over the sun's path. Places such as Chile, Argentina, Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo were enclosed of the100 kilometers (62-mile) band, thus they got the most visible glimpse of the eclipse.

In a remote area of south Sarmiento, approximately 300- star observers assembled and spotted the radiant ring up above the sky where the eclipse left.

On an erkes which were known as the long traditional horns of South America, a number of stargazers had blown it. Meanwhile, an aficionado named Josep Masalles Roman from Spain shared that he had already seen six annular eclipses. He commented that each one was different from the other.

When Earth, Moon. and Sun lined up it suggests that an annular eclipse would occur.Though they were absolutely lined up, the Moon was at a great distance from Earth. For this reason, it could not totally cover to block the light the Sun. Thus, it produced an image of a blazing ring. 

Spectators of the annular eclipse must not look at it with their bare eyes, Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association, reminded the people.

 A basic pinhole projector has been recommended by the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA), as a safe instrument to be used in watching eclipses. In addition, a sheet of paper could also be used by just making a tiny hole in it and focused it to the Sun. One could project the image onto the second sheet.

However, according to ASSA the coolest and safest method of viewing a solar eclipse would be the gaps between three leaves, it has been guaranteed that it would produce the same effect on the ground.

Moseley said to AFP that about 90 percent was covered, that's why a distinguished drop in temperature and brightness was observed. Thus, the quality of the light had changed which was difficult to illustrate. 

The animals were behaved strangely, while the tide heightened and changed, such phenomenon was observed, said the locals in the province of Chubut, Sarmiento, cited StraitsTimes.

The Moon settled at the center of the Sun during the peak of the eclipse, thus it left a splendid ring of light surrounding the edge.

 Though the eclipse lasted for two hours, the peak of the "ring of fire" lasted almost a minute.

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