Annular Eclipse: 'Ring of Fire' Will Happen on February 26

By KM Diaz, | February 25, 2017

This Sunday, February 26, a annular eclipse will happen. (YouTube)

This Sunday, February 26, a annular eclipse will happen. (YouTube)

Those who live in Africa and South America will witness an annular eclipse known as The Ring of Fire on Sunday, February 26.

An eclipse happens when an astronomical object passes another body. There are several types of eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the moon passes over the surface of the earth while a lunar eclipse occurs due to the moon's movement to the earth's surface.

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The annular eclipse, on the other hand, will likely happen when the moon is far from the earth. The moon will partly cover the sun creating "the ring of fire." Contrary to a total solar eclipse, the moon is close to earth. It will completely cover the sun and create darkness in the day.

This Sunday, February 26, the annular eclipse will happen. Its first appearance will occur during sunrise in South America. The ring of fire will then appear in Chile around 10:35 a.m.. After that, it will travel to Patagonia region of Argentina and will pass through the Atlantic Ocean.

Those who live in Angola will also witness the ring of fire around 4:20 p.m. It will continue its rotation passing through Zambia, and will finally end in the Dominican Republic around 6:30 p.m.

Those who wants to witness this event needs to be careful. Wearing eye protection is important; even though the sun is covered with the moon it's rays can still harm the eyes.

Another advice for those who will use camera or telescope, it is necessary to put a solar filter on the lens to avoid damage to the eyes. There are also wearable viewing glasses that will reduce the brightness of the sun and remove the harmful rays.

If you are going to miss this event, there's no need to worry because there will be a total eclipse on August 21.

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