The "Draft Challenge" of Supercell's "Clash of Clans" Held for the 3rd Time in as Many Months

By John Almirante, | February 25, 2017

"Clash Royale" will reportedly add water battles, aerial defense in next update. (YouTube)

"Clash Royale" will reportedly add water battles, aerial defense in next update. (YouTube)

For the second time this year, "Clash Royale's" "Draft Challenge" event was made available to play.  This is the third time that the event was organized by developer Supercell within three months. 

The event has taken place once a month for three consecutive months now.  The drafting challenge events have usually started after the midway point of the month.

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"Draft Challenge" debuted initially as "Crown Duel Challenge" which was held between December 17-23 of last year.  The event was introduced as "Draft Challenge" when it took place between January 19-23.

The most recent challenge event took place between February 17-20.  The staging of the challenge each month for three successive mounts now may be a portent that the drafting challenge event would happen on a regular monthly basis at some point.

When each challenge was announced, Supercell did not signify that the event would be a regular occurrence.  Even after three-straight months that the Challenge event has been held, the developer still has not mentioned anything about it returning on a monthly schedule.

According to Supercell, the "Draft Challenge" is fun and unique.  It is a Challenge where each player creates one another's Battle Decks.

The battle begins with one player selecting one of two cards with the other card going to the opponent.  This process is called drafting.  The process is repeated until both players have eight cards.

Each player knows what four of their opponent's cards are.  At the same time, their opponent knows four of their own cards. The other four cards of each player are known only to them.

The Challenge comes in two flavors; "Classic" and "Grand."  Each player gets only one free entry to the event.  The drafting challenge event becomes available in "Friendly Battles" and in "Challenges."

"Clash Royale" fans are waiting in anticipation for another Challenge event.  They will have to wait and see if Supercell brings out another "Draft Challenge" in the latter half of March.

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