China's First Robocop Starts Patrolling

By Prei Dy, | February 19, 2017

China debuted its very first police robot in Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Henan Province.

China debuted its very first police robot in Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Henan Province.

China's very first police robot started patrolling at Zhengzhou East Railway Station in China's Henan province on Friday (Feb. 15), GBTimes reported citing CCTV News.

The robot, which can independently move around, helps police authorities nab fugitives through its cutting-edge facial recognition system. It also comes handy for tourists as it can interact with people and answer questions. Moreover, aside from making sure that everyone's safe from criminals, the robot could also warn citizens in case of fire or other calamities as it can detect changes in air quality and temperature.

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China's very first robocop will be tested for a week and will mostly take the night shift, Liu Shiubin, director of the railway station, said.

A robotic traffic enforcer also started catching jaywalkers in China's Xiangyang City, in central Hubei Province, last month. It is stationed on a refuge island at a crossing on Tanxi road. The vision-guided droid has been programmed to stop and reprimand pedestrians who ignore the red lights and cross the streets in hordes, a particularly known bad habit dubbed as "Chinese-style road crossing."

The robotic cop could send signals through arm gestures, give verbal warnings, and flash lights as reminders, the Daily Mail reported citing Its head is equipped with a surveillance camera that can immediately tape road offenses. The captured footage will be stored as evidence in case accidents occur and as reference when pedestrians are being fined for running red lights.

More and more robots are starting to make their way into the streets and even into people's everyday lives. China for one has been betting big on the robotics market for years and profiling itself as a robot nation. The country aims to become one of the most intensively automated country by the end of the decade, according to the China Machinery Industry Federation.

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