'Destiny' Update From Bungie Will Address Issues with Crucible Balance

By John Almirante, | February 07, 2017

'Destiny' Upcoming Patch Focuses on Concerns With Crucible Balance

'Destiny' Upcoming Patch Focuses on Concerns With Crucible Balance

"Destiny" is bound for another set of changes that will impact its metagame.  It's developer, Bungie, has announced a new patch for the game.  Update is intended to remedy Crucible balance issues.

Two of the changes made by the update to address Crucible balance issues is to primary weapons and shotguns.  The update is scheduled to be released in the middle of February.

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Some of Bungie's objectives for the update was conveyed by senior designer Josh Hamrick.  He said in a blog post that Sandbox and Crucible designers were investigating and updating the competitive ecosystem. He mentioned that they were getting close to fulfilling those goals.  He stated that he was proud of what they had done.

Hamrick reported that Bungie was closing in on a group of adjustments that would revitalize the game.  He said this was done through experimentation and virtual battles to the death that transpired almost everyday. The senior "Destiny" designer enumerated the objectives of the upcoming patch in a Bungie Weekly Update.  There is a total of five main goals and the first goal listed is to promote alternatives and counters to Shotguns.

The next goal on the list is to align potency of Primary Weapons with surgical changes.  This is followed by the objective to file down a couple of issues from each class. Another goal is to fix some issues with a sampler platter of Exotics.  The last goal listed is supporting adjustments to Special Ammunition.

Hamrick admitted that the list of goals would not contain enough details to satisfy players.  He said that he hopes that, until Bungie can tell them more, the small amount of information they provided will, in the meantime, at least fill the players' need for more detailed information.

He also broached the possibility of doing a livestream when Bungie reveals further information about the game.  He said that maybe they could do that live in the near future.

The patches and updates are applicable only to the PS4 and Xbox One.  Bungie ended support for "Destiny" on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2016 with the release of the Rise of Iron expansion.

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