'Hitman' First Season Feature Turns Gamers to Professionals; New Extra Mission

By Edson Kyle Encina, | February 01, 2017

HITMAN - Landslide Reveal

HITMAN - Landslide Reveal

IO Interactive recently released a retail disc version of their episodic assassin game titled "Hitman First Season" which includes new features and a new bonus mission.

Game developers IO Interactive first released their latest "Hitman" game in separate episodes. This unusual marketing approach to the stealth-based series had some gamers hesitant in fully investing into it.

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Fortunately, the developers have released a retail disc containing all the game's episodes and even some new content. According to TechRadar, it took the developers a full year before they released the game's retail disc version.

With the disc version, it's more convenient for gamers to take a plunge into the latest "Hitman" entry. It's also less of a hassle since players will get a bonus mission, a new feature and all the episodic content together for just one price.

The return of the professional

Fans will be getting a brand new professional mode which increases the difficulty by turning off opportunity tracking. It's not called professional mode for nothing, as the difficulty is amplified further by giving players only 1 manual save.

If that wasn't enough to make the game harder, the auto-save system is completely removed in professional mode. In addition, the amount of surveillance cameras are increased and guards are also more alert.

The source also stated that professional mode isn't unlocked right away. Players will have to earn a mastery level of 20 on a mission before getting professional mode.

More content released

The developers will include a bonus mission in the game's complete version. This mission takes players back to Sapienza, a map from a previous episode.

According to TrustedReviews, there will be some ample changes to the map to keep the mission fresh. These changes include new geometry as well as an increase in NPC characters in specific areas of the map.

The mission will also focus on a different side of the map, compared to the previous episode. Another noteworthy change is the ambient setting, the bonus mission will take place in the early evening and the map is showered with the rays of the setting sun.

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