Google Play Store Gets Revamped Looks and UI With new Update

November 07, 2016

Google Play Store is set to get a major update. (Pixabay)

Google Play Store is set to get a major update. (Pixabay)

Google is in the process of revamping its Play Store. The updated version may soon be available to users.

The new Play Store has overhauled looks. Its user interface is said to have been changed to enhance its usability. The Update button, which was removed through the Android 7.1 update, is also back.

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The most visible changes to Google Play Store is its color and layout. The app is now said to feature a considerably different color scheme. It comes with a green hue which is darker than before.

The layout of the app is also believed to have been given a makeover. The install button for the apps is now bigger and spans across the page. The app ratings are also more prominently displayed, making it easier for the users to make informed choices.

The entertainment section of Google Play Store app now comes with a 'trending' section. This change is designed to aid users in picking up shows and movies which are currently in high demand. This new method of discovery would help users in staying up to date to the latest hits. The user may also tap on the trending topics to get more information about any movie or show.

Google Play Store has also changed the location of the app carousel from its earlier position, next to the search bar. The carousel is now located below the search bar. The featured apps in the scroll now come with a card-like layout. 

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